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RG Spinel Amethyst Garnet Sapphires Cluster Earrings with Detachable Lavender Jade and Kite Spinels

$5,450.00 includes GST

Absolutely gorgeous lavender jadeite – the purple hues in this pair is simply incredible.  All natural type A jadeite at its best and in a perfect pair too! The lavender spinels in the studs and red kite spinels on the jade dangles are also a rare find – a special one-of-a-kind pair of earrings that cannot be replicated!


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2 long pear carved lavender jade 24 cts (NGI certified natural Type A jadeite)
2 kite deep pink spinels 1.18 cts 
2 round amethyst 0.14 cts
2 round amethyst 1.46 cts
1 long cushion lavender spinel 1.67 cts
2 marquise garnets 0.35 cts
2 round red spinels 0.09 cts
2 marquise pink sapphires 0.29 cts
2 pear pink sapphires 0.14 cts
2 square bright pink sapphire 0.14 cts

2 pinkish baroque pearls 

18k Rose Gold 

Jade dangles and baroque pearls are detachable from studs.  Studs may be worn alone. 

Measurements: Length with jade dangles:  69 mm / Length and width of studs: 19.4 x 13.4 mm

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