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Bundle Sets


Spruce Bundle

$500.00 includes GST

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Series 5 #One

Gold plated brass ear posts

Onlewo fabric encased in resin 

Silk rayon tassels 


Series 2 #Five

Hammered gold plated brass ear posts with sterling silver push studs

Gold plated brass chains with mini faux pearls

Onlewo’s Peranakan Tile Fabric


Leanne Earrings in Turquoise

Turquoise bezeled in 18k gold plated sterling silver

Length: 5.1cm


IstanBlue #42

Gold plated brass ear posts

Lapis lazuli

Silk rayon tassels with brass caps

Length: 9.3cm


Sigrid Earrings in Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli and white fresh water pearls on 18k rose gold plated sterling silver

Fresh water pearls with rose gold plated sterling silver cup and peg

Blue chalcedony long drops

Length with Pearl: 2.8cm

Length with Chalcedony Drops: 5 cm


IstanBlue #7

Rhodium plated brass ear posts

Sterling silver wiring

K2 jasper

Length: 5.1cm



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